Strategic design drives digital innovation

We exist to de-risk the development and launch of digital products. Our user-centered strategic design process informs successful digital products for our clients, and ultimately – for their customers.

How Our Clients Benefit

Gain a truer understanding of the root problem the product aims to solve, resulting in better adoption

Stakeholders completely align on the product vision and value proposition

Assumptions regarding real user needs are either verified or challenged through UX research

Gain a solid product roadmap, and a useful blueprint for the development team toward accurate estimation of scope and timeline of work

Gain reliable product and project management processes that support every step of the project

Strategic Design

We are a team of digital innovation consultants.

creative thinkers

Each OtherLeft digital innovation consultant brings their unique skills, passions, knowledge, and diverse lived experiences to tack complex problems, identify opportunities, and drive growth through innovation.

Who we serve and how

We support established companies and startups alike

We’ve helped drive product innovation in Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Applications, Data Analytics, Quality Metrics, and a host of other verticals.

We empower leaders and change makers in your organization

We help envision and deliver innovative experiences and compelling digital solutions to motivate and engage people, while producing measurable business impact.

We provide a variety of skillsets to fit your needs

We bring a team of creative design thinkers well-versed in strategy, user research, user interaction, and project and product management- ready to uncover and alleviate your user challenges.

Take their word for it

“The Clarity team is thrilled with the product that OtherLeft helped us design. Using their deliberate process, OtherLeft took our ideas and created designs that exceeded our own expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the results!”

Mike Tacke

Co-Founder of Clarity Behavioral Health Software

"OtherLeft listened to our value proposition. We felt like they understood who we were. They worked well with a broad group of our professionals and shared and developed ideas well as a team. They delivered on time. Their attention to detail and nuance was powerful. If you are looking for a creative partner, hire them. We will do so again.”

Bill Battey

CEO, Mindyra Health Corporation

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