Clarity Behavioral Health

Case Study


OtherLeft worked with Clarity Behavioral Health to create a tablet-based platform that gives behavioral health clinicians tools to better engage with their patients and manage their interactions and group sessions in a productive way. Additionally, the application provides psychiatric patients engaging content, entertainment and a feedback mechanism in an inpatient setting.

OtherLeft worked with the Clarity stakeholders to create a tablet-based platform meant to be used by patients and clinicians within the context of an inpatient setting. Features include a suite of tools that allow the clinicians and social worker to manage their group sessions, patient census and lesson plans. For the patient, the application provides them with a curated set of options for content and entertainment, such as TV shows, movies, books, games, and podcasts.

The Challenge

Due to the lack of healthcare workers and proper tools needed to perform at the highest levels, behavioral health workers can’t spend enough time with their patients and are forced to conduct group sessions that may or may not be relevant for every patient. This leaves the patients bored and uninterested. Our solution should increase the productivity of the staff, provide a curated experience for their patients, and provide engaging content and entertainment for all patients.

The Solution

OtherLeft partnered with Clarity for a Strategy & Design Engagement. Through numerous stakeholder interviews that included defining user types, understanding goals and pain points, and brainstorming possible features, we designed a suite of applications that includes a patient specific application, a clinician facing portal, and an admin portal.

Key App Features

Patient Side

Patient- assigned tablets

Entertainment activities such as movies, games, and books

Therapeutic content such as podcasts and articles

Pulse surveys

Clinical surveys

Clinician Side

Tablet management

Patient Management

Group session library

Documentation tool


The clinician-side portal wasn’t a part of the original vision. Through user research, persona creation, and user story mapping, the idea was generated to build a tool that not only improves patient outcomes, but also improves the clinicians’ day-to-day workflow.


  • User Research
  • Journey map creation for clinicians and patient user types
  • User flow diagrams
  • Wireframes and high fidelity prototypes
  • User story maps
  • Groomed user stories and sprint planning for development
  • Product roadmap for future releases

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