Theos Health

Case Study


Theos Health is an orthopedic-focused telemedicine solution with a mission to strengthen relationships, improve outcomes, and provide flexibility for patients. Theos Health is advancing how quality care can be delivered virtually, while also giving providers the tools to thrive clinically and financially.

OtherLeft worked with the company’s founder to design a complete virtualized, remote care environment for patients and providers. Features include a complete video/audio platform, patient scheduling, patient reminders, and EHR integration.

The Challenge

  • Excessive wait times to see orthopedic surgical specialists
  • Non-reimbursed post op visits for physicians
  • Poor patient engagement leads to poor outcomes and lower satisfaction scores
  • Rise of value-based care models supplanting fee-for-service

The Solution

Theos Health partnered with OtherLeft to design a complete telemedicine solution geared toward orthopedic practices. The solution includes a clinician tool that allows providers to set their schedules, manage their patients, and schedule appointments. The clinician app integrates with EHRs to pass appointment info back and forth to avoid duplicate appointments. The app also tracks no-shows.

The patient solution is a web app that users can access securely on their mobile phone or PC by simply clicking a link from an automated email or text message. The app also alerts the provider when the patient is in the “virtual waiting room”.

Key App Features

Patient Side

Automatic reminders via text messages

One-click access

Ability to add family/friends/loved ones

Ability to share screen

Clinician Side

Patient scheduling

Visit types

Session status

EHR integration

Extender access

White labeling


It was very important to us to design a solution that didn’t require a patient app. From our research, we found that users are less likely to engage in a clinical solution if they must download and set up a patient app. Our solution allows patients to attend virtual visits by accessing a secure web app from their mobile phone or PC.


  • User Research
  • Journey map creation for clinicians and patient user types
  • Visual style tile and guide
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design comps
  • Clickable prototype
  • User story maps
  • Groomed user stories and sprint planning for development
  • Product roadmap for future releases

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